Moodle Support for Students

Go to  SCSB learning portal by using the link ( ).

Enter the username and password which have been provided by the school.


Go to the Dashboard and then go to Course Overview.
Click on Course tab in course overview.
All the courses which you have enroled are visible in this section.



Or use the Navigation menu in left hand side to go to the relevant course/unit.


Once go inside the course unit detail page, all the unit materials and assessment links will be there.

    • Announcements

The trainers will always post important information in Announcement forum. The students are required to check the announcements habitually.
Please click on Announcement link, and you will see the list of announcements posted.

    • PowerPoint Slides

The PowerPoint slides describes all the topics of the lecture and it will provide necessary information to answer your assessments questions.

    • Session Plan

The session plan describes the activities and resources you will use in each session to achieve learning objectives.

    • Learner Guide

Learning guide provides learning content to complete your assessment tasks and gain the qualification.

    • Submit Activities

In addition to the assessments, you will get weekly activities to complete. Please make sure to compete the activities and make the submissions on time.

    • Video

Please watch all videos published in each unit as those help you to gather additional knowledge.

    • Assessor Checklist

The Assessor checklist will guide you to meet the requirements of the units of competency.
Furthermore, it explains the details of elements and performance criteria covered in each assessment.

The students are strongly required to go through assessment checklist before completing the assessments.

Go to the unit you wish to see the assessments from navigation menu or course overview.


Next, you will see all assessments list in your unit page in the Assessment section. Select the assessment you wish to see the detail.
















Once you enter into the assessment detail page by clicking the assessment link, you will see your assignment instruction and the assignment file(s) with due date and submission status.

















To read the assignment or assessment file(s), click on the link to download it.

Also, you can see your upcoming assessments from Timeline in course overview section on the dashboard.

After you have fulfilled the assessment requirements, or you have done your assessment, you need to upload your work into the learning portal.

Login to your learning portal and go the unit you want to submit the assessment work by clicking the relevant assessment link.










Next, you will see the assignment detail page with “Add Submission” button. Now, click on the “Add Submission” button















In Assessment Submission Page, you will see a file submission section. Drag and drop your completed assessment file into file submission drag and drop box. Or click the add file icon, and then File Picker window will pop up. Select the files you wish to submit, the click the Upload this file button. You will then see your file in the file submission section. After that, click the Save Changes button.

Please make sure to tick the “Student Declaration” box on top.



























After clicking the save changes button, you will be taken to the Submission Status page and the status is shown as “Submitted for grading”. By now, you have completed your assignment submission process.












If you need to edit your submission, at the bottom of the page, you will see a button – Edit Submission. If you wish to edit or change your submission, you click the Edit Submission button.

Go to the unit and click the assignment link you want to see the feedback.










When the submission is graded, you can see the Grade Status is shown as “Graded” in the Submission Status detail page.

And ,you can see your grade and feedback comments and feedback file(s) in the feedback section.

Go to Grades from the dropdown menu in top right corner. Then you can see the grade summary of all the units that you have enrolled.



  • The Students are required to submit their assessments before the due date. The submission link will be deactivated after the due date. Late submission fee will apply.
  • The students will get free 2 attempts to submit assessments.
  • After 2nd attempt Assessment resubmission fee ($50 per assessment) will apply.
  • Please make sure you always login to SCSB Moodle to check your assessments, submission status and grading status.